Me myself and I

Step aside and let me introduce myself

Omg first blog yayyy, the time has come! Seriously guys I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now, I just never put in the time, but I’m SO excited to finally blog my fabulous life.

So let me take a minute (or so) to introduce myself and what I’m all about. Excting right? So my name is Micayla… yes with a c. I’m 22 years old as of October 17th (yay the awk year). Although not like T-Swizzy, I’m not feeling 22.

I grew up in Rogers, Arkansas (not such a cliché small town). I still currently live here, and let me tell you people that may assume Arkansas is just a bunch of redneck cousins, it’s not. I actually live in a town similar to many other city towns in many states. The thing I love about where I live is that I’m literally 2 minutes from Walmart, actually the first ever built Walmart (cool I know) and 5 minutes from a pretty fancy mall…yes like really fancy mall, and many other fancy restaurants and things. I’m also about 15 minutes from the lake and also the country farm life. So literally have a little bit of everything…except a beach, which would be nice, but you get the point. I’m also really close to The University Of Arkansas (old main behind me in pic above). God bless the Arkansas Razorbacks btw, I am a die hard Woo pig sooie fan all day.

I Just recently finished school majoring in medical coding and billing which I hope to do big things with in the future, but I’m young and still figuring that out (you get it). I currently work at a med spa called spa810 and I absolutely love it. They offer facials, massage, and laser hair removal yaaaas (bye bye shaving) and employee discounts are where it’s at. I never cared about skincare until I started working there this past July, and I’m excited to share some more on that. It’s actually inspired me to become a licensed aesthetician some day, but who knows.

Let’s talk about some things I’m absolutely crazy about. I’ll start with my fur babies (yes my puppy dogs) all 4 of them. Two Boxers (Josi and Sasha), a Chihuahua (Weezy… yes like the rapper), and a Bichon (Elmo), literally my children, like I swear they act so humanly. No matter how bad of a day I could possibly have they never fail to make me laugh. I would have 1,000 dogs if I could, they are just so perf.

Yes there’s my pretty babies.

Another thing I’m obsessed with is my boo thang  Jake…. From state farm. Kind of crazy how we met but with todays society its not too crazy. Six years ago I stumbled across this handsome boy on Facebook and struck up a conversation with the little immature teenager talk, but since he lived in Texas, me living in Arkansas, we never took it to the next level because lets be real, we couldn’t just hop in the car at 15 years old and drive 5 hours. So that dwindled down to no contact really. Then this past summer he stumbled across a post of mine on Facebook (selfie duh) and decided to message me the “hey how have you been” cliché. (But later on told me that his exact thoughts were “dang she got hot”). This time was different though, he actually acted interested in me but I didn’t put too much thought into it and stopped messaging him (rude I know). Later that week I had this weird gut feeling that he was really interested in me, and I was about to ask for his number and about that time he slid into the DM’s asking for mine ironically. We began texting and I decided a phone call would be way more interesting. That lead to many nights of staying up until 3am on the phone and it was really going somewhere fast, way different than what we had at 15 years old. We decided we had to finally meet, and a few weeks later he decided to make a trip down here on Friday, August the 15th. We liked each other and the feelings were definitely there via phone, but when we met in person… omg instant love at first sight. Let me tell you that I literally found the male version of me. The connection we have is like nothing I’ve experienced with anyone else. We had stayed at a casino/hotel that Saturday night, the night he made it official (no wasted time right?) but it felt so right and I wouldn’t of wanted it any differently. Ever since then our connection and love has only gotten stronger, and the memories are unlimited. We went into it knowing we would have to sacrifice the distance for awhile but we have made it work with no problems. We see each other twice a month, text every day, and talk on the phone every night. He never fails to make me feel so loved, smiling ear to ear every day, its always something (so smitten). The reason distance usually fails is because the two aren’t made for each other. You both have to be 110% invested and me and Jake have no problems with that at all. We are literally the same person its not even funny… we just get each other. My father always told me (granted all the losers I’ve had) that a guy would go to the end of the earth for me with no hesitation, like every woman deserves, and well he does that beyond. Im a strong believer in that everything happens for a reason, and will be put in you life at the right time. So blessed to have this perfect man in my life.

Look at us… so in love I know.

Okay I’m done with the ooey gooeyness, you can wipe the happy tears.

Another thing I’m very thankful for are my amazing parents Tammi and Robert (weird calling them by name). I’m literally a mini version of my mom, and the daughter my dad always wanted. I share all the girl talk with my mom and I share all of the football talk with my dad. But I have to say my dad is a trooper for going shopping with me at times. They have taught me to be the woman I am today, literally life savers. I love the bond we share, and how open we are. So fortunate to have that, because its more rare than you think. My mom is actually my biggest hero and inspiration, battling months of chemo from ovarian cancer last year. But all is good now, no worries. She made me cherish the little things in life and I’m so grateful for that and thankful she is healthy and her complete self again. I feel like we all became stronger and closer since then. My mom calls me her sunshine, so when you see all the sunflowers that’s why. My dad taught me to always be myself no matter what comes my way and has supported every decision I’ve made, both have. He also taught me the great American sport of football of course. I seem to know more than a girl should know but oh well. We always go to each other no matter what situation, good or bad, and I couldn’t ask for a better set of parents (who are highschool sweethearts btw). So cute. 

Those are the most important things in my life but I guess I should talk about my hobbies outside all of that. But first let me hop out of my…nvm. Introducing my other baby. Meet my first car (big girl purchase) brand new 2015 Scion TC.


Beautiful I know 

Okay, on to my hobbies. I love doing things outdoors like bike rides, dog walks, canoeing, hiking….you get it. I’m also really into photography, in fact I was in yearbook all through high school when I discovered my real talent, (photography) because I pretty much attempted every sport and failed all of them. In 2011 I won best sports photo in Arkansas (pretty nifty huh?) I can photograph anything you name it, it honestly takes a good eye to be a decent photographer. I know many people claim they are “photographers” because they pick up a camera and snap a pic but no (it’s all about the angles…actually waaaay more). That’s my real talent I must say. Sorry not sorry I have to brag a little because it’s rare that I actually have a talent. Another thing I enjoy doing is crafting. I think it’s silly to go pay outrageous amounts on things that are so simple to go get on Pinterest and let the creative juices flow. Me and my mom crafting together…you better look out cause it gets cray cray. Also anything cheetah print I’m all over… just saying. Last but not least, I enjoy fitness (I know you are like ew why?). About 2 years ago I was noticing pictures and just feeling unhappy with how I looked. Then I discovered Focus T25 created by Shaun T. No gym just completing the exercise program and a little bit of a diet change (trust me honey I love my chocolate). I lost 30 pounds and I’ve kept it off since. Such an amazing feeling to get your health in check. You don’t realize it until you start seeing results and feeling better, trust me Rome wasn’t built in a day. But with all that I can’t do without music. I love all kinds all the way from Drake to George Strait. Ya girl can work it at the club, but also get deep in the feels ya know what I’m sayin?

Overall thats my main hobbies and such. You will learn more in depth as I start to blog more (obvi). If you stuck through reading this then you go Glen Coco. But really, thank you for taking the time to learn some about me. I hope you continue to read my blogs and I hope to inspire you. Stay tuned because I have awesome things planned to share with y’all.

X0X0 Micayla


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One thought on “Step aside and let me introduce myself

  1. You inspire me baby to be a better man, not only for me but for you also. Your drive and passion lights up my world. I am very proud of you for putting a lot of effort into this blogging page and sharing to the world your creative ideas. Keep it up, I will always be your number one fan 🙂 I love you so much

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