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Fabfitfun spring box review

Hello pretties! I finally received something in the mail that I’ve been dying to get and share. Ive been wanting to see what the hype about the Fabfitfun box was all about, so I ordered one and OMG so worth it! If you guys aren’t familiar with Fabfitfun, they send out a box of goodies every season (4 times a year) worth over $200 for just $49 a box. After opening my box I was super impressed of the high end full sized products. This spring box is really fun because it has a lot of my favorite things that I can put to good use. I like the concept of having beauty products, fitness products, and fashionable goodies. Its like a girls perfect care package.

So lets dive into what’s in the box. First we have these heavenly smelling bath bombs. There’s three different bombs; “love potion” has a sweet rose scent, “wake up” has a minty eucalyptus scent, and “deep breath” has feminine calm lavender scent. So excited to use these because I love taking baths. These are also made organically which is definitely a big plus. I will probably be making my own soon. These are worth $38.

Next thing i’m really excited about is the DIY kitchen herb garden kit, yaaas hunni I love me some herbs! This whole concept is so cute. It comes with the little herb box, the containers, the soil, and the seeds (basil, mint, and thyme). So easy to put together. Herbs are really easy to grow and they add some color and scent to the room. If you have never grown herbs, it comes with care instructions which is nice. Im excited to see them grow! Me and this herb box are mint to be. (I’m punny). This is worth $35.

Something in here I was curious to try was the HelloLegs shaving lotion. First off it smells amazing and feels very moisturizing. You put it on when you shave and its supposed to give your legs a hydrating glow, and it does for sure. They feel so silky after. This makes shaving more fun if there ever was such a thing. This is worth $19.95

Next up is this gorgeous contour kit from ISH Beauty. This thing is no joke, it has a blush, a contour, and a highlighter. I admit I have more than one of these kinds of kits but a girl can never have too many. The colors are really pretty and they are very pigmented. Of course I tried it right off the bat and yes I approve, the highlight is definitely on fleek. This makes for a good traveling kit because its smaller and has a mirror. Very nice! This is worth $32.

I’m really curious about these  Bodipure keratin gloves & socks. Ive never heard such a thing, but it seems interesting. Its supposed to be a masque for your skin and nails. From the reviews it seems to be a good product. My nails need some TLC so this will be put to good use! These are worth $10

For the fitness side they added a yoga mat strap/resistance band. I don’t know if I will be using this much for the yoga strap side because I workout at home, but if I ever traveled this would come in handy. I will probably use the resistance band side of it. Its fashionable for sure. This is worth $15.

Another fashionable item is the Jook And Nona 18k gold plated necklace. This is an every day necklace I would say. Theres 4 different ones (happy, dream, love, and inspire) and  I got the “love” one. I like that you can layer this with other necklaces, making it very fashionable. These are definitely a fad right now and i’m happy I finally got one. I’ve been wearing mine and I never take it off so that’s a great benefit. This is worth $65.

Next, is this Marrakesh hair oil. I was skeptical to try this because its like straight oil and I have super fine hair, and that usually not a good combo. Of course I gave it a whirl and I’m actually impressed. I just pump a little bit and rub it on the ends of my wet hair. It doesn’t weigh down your hair, just gives a nice shine, and makes your hair smell amazing too. We could all use some of that. I’m also impressed of the packaging, its a pretty good size and its in a glass pump bottle. I find this will be great to use in the summer time to give your hair a boost. This is worth $23.

Last but not least they threw in some gift cards. A $30 Sterling Forever gift card, and a $25 Thirty One Bits gift card. Sterling Forever is a very fashionable-trendy online jewelry store. The jewelry is high end yet still affordable, there’s some items on there that with the $30 off makes it cheap, almost free. All of the latest trend styles are on here, I’m impressed. Thirty One Bits is a jewelry store online that offers handmade jewelry for affordable prices with the gift card. I browsed the site and found some very unique and stylish pieces. Something different. I will definitely be putting these gift cards to use. I’m glad that this gives you the option of picking what you like.

 All in all i’m very glad I signed up for this, well worth the buy. I’m excited to see what the Summer box has in store. These boxes are $49.99 and you can cancel at any time, you aren’t locked in which is a major plus. There’s also no shipping charges, its just a flat rate. Mothers day is right around the corner and these make a great gift as well. To use my referral Click here to get $10 off your first box! You deserve to treat yourself sometimes. This is the perfect option. XoXo




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