Summer 16 in a nutshell 

Hello lovelies. It’s been awhile, but I figured I would just enjoy my Summer and tell you my highlights after. I’m really sad to see Summer go like always, but this Summer was probably one of my favorites. Lots of adventures and life events, and that’s why im going to share them.

New Job

I was completely miserable working at the spa. I could go on forever about how bad of a place that is but I will leave that to myself. Lets just say I had enough and I was ready for something new. Of course it didn’t take long and I discovered something so perfect that I had to go after. A friend happened to know the executive director of Mercy hospital, human resources department (who is now my boss). She happened to have an opening for an HR Assistant and wanted me to come in for an interview. She was so welcoming and had me tour the office and I knew this place was for me. The whole office basically interviewed me making sure it was really something I was really interested in. Something I never thought I would do but was ready to try. At the end of the week I got a phone call from the executive director herself offering me the job. I was so excited I hardly could breath. I instantly felt all the weight fall off my shoulders in relief. My last day at the spa was my best day, sadly. I’ve been here four months now and I couldn’t be happier and more thankful. I love coming to work every day which is hard for a lot of people to say. I’ve learned what a team really is. We all work together and it feels like a family to be honest. I have great benefits, no more weekend shifts, I have a set schedule, and I get to help people everyday, I have my own office space, nice paychecks, I get to enjoy holidays with my family, the list goes on. Mercy is a great place to work at all in all. Very thankful for this opportunity and a very bright future is ahead. “Keep calm and call HR.

 Austin/San Antonio trip

This was Jake and I’s pre vacay if you wanna call it. A great kick off to Summer. Jake’s favorite band Blink 182 was playing at X games this year in Austin and of course he bought the tickets ASAP. So we decided to just make an extended trip out of the deal to make it fun for both of us because let’s be honest, I’m not Blinks biggest fan. So we decided to stay a night in Austin then drive up to San Antonio and stay a night since it was close. I’ve never been to either so I was excited to finally see it. Austin is a cool place, very different vibes than any city I’ve been to. They have tons of unique little restaurants and free landmarks to check out. During the day we explored the city and checked out 6th street. Which I definitely wanna check it out at night when the bars are live. We had a concert to be at that night so we knocked out the city during the day. My favorite thing we got to check out was the outdoor art gallery. I’ve seen pictures of it but when you see it in person its a whole new level. Cool thing is that its free.

That evening we went to the X games which had gotten rained out so it was a disaster for everyone’s shoes. Total mud pit. They cancelled all the events, which luckily we only cared about going for the concert which was not cancelled. The concert was good, Jake was obsessed I mean its his fav band ever. After all the walking and exploring we did all day we were so exhausted and crashed as soon as we got back to the hotel. The next day we drove up to San Antonio which was what I was really excited about. Our hotel was super nice and it was right on the riverwalk. We checked out all the maps and talked to a couple of locals to find out where everything on the riverwalk was because it’s a very long river. All of the main restaurants were about a mile or so away, which didn’t sound too far after 2 glasses of wine at happy hour at our hotel. I was wearing not so comfortable shoes because it was fancy date night so of course that’s important to look the part. Walking down the riverwalk wasn’t so bad (which was beautiful by the way). A taxi boat even passed by but we didn’t take it because the buzz was still there and everything was just fine. After walking and walking we finally find the restaurant, which I picked Landrys Seafood. The food was amazing, and the view was perfect, candle light dinner right on the riverwalk. After that we checked out the local bars and discovered that the streets of San Antonio were a little frightening at night. The walk back was horrible, at one point I was walking barefoot. Felt like the longest 2 miles ever. Once again we were so exhausted we crashed as soon as we got back. We woke up the next morning and explored the Alamo and did a riverboat tour and some of the local shops. You definitely feel like you are on vacation because it’s so scenic and different there, something you wanna see before you die.

On our drive back home the next day we wanted to check out a swimming hole. We found this on the 1,000 most interesting places to see before you die type thing. Its called Jacobs Well. Basically its an underground cave to who knows where and you can jump into it from the bluffs. They give you an hour pass because they don’t want it to get overcrowded which is genius. The water was freezing because it is from a natural well but it’s so worth it. It was breath taking  literally. Jake and I jumped off the cliff you were allowed to jump off of a few times. You actually jump into where the underground cave is, who knows where it goes. I highly recommend visiting this place.

Definitely one of my favorite trips, we saw so many things that you just don’t see every day, all in the state of Texas.

 BSR Cable park

Located in Waco, TX is an outdoor cable park called BSR cable park. It has a huge lazy river, the royal flush which is a huge water slide that shoots you up high into the water, and a cable wakeboarding park. I had no interest in the royal flush but Jake had a blast on it. We spent most time on the lazy river because it took us forever to find rafts, it was pretty crowded. The river takes 30-45 minutes to do a full loop but its a blast. Consumed way too much alcohol but your on a lazy river, who cares, life is great. The place is great for all ages, its cheap entertainment, and different from your typical water park. We will be making another trip next Summer, as they are adding a  giant surf wave this offseason. The owners of this place are genius I personally think.

 Turner Falls

In this little small town in Oklahoma called Turner Falls has a neat little park created from Mother Nature herself. Jake and I decided to bring another couple with us to make a day trip after seeing the beautiful photos. It’s about an hour and half away from Jake’s house. Well we get there and see that the park is closed. We had a little freak out. The most unfriendly cop was blocking it off but didn’t have the common courtesy to tell us what was going on, he just wanted us to drive away. So we found this little hole in the wall gas station down the road where there was many other cars parked. After getting ahold of the park managers, they told us it was overcrowded and to check back in a couple of hours. Well it’s the middle of summer in this town where there’s nothing to do and we were getting frustrated that we drove all this way and a possibility of not getting in. We kept waiting around and decided to go back in check, and after two hours they were finally letting people back in, so we got in line. We get our drinks and rafts and head to the Falls. It’s pretty crowded but the water was beautiful. We hung out there for a bit and then decided to go on a hike. The hike is what was really breathtaking. We crawled through some caves and climbed our way to the top of the cliffs. That’s what made the trip worth it.

Probably wouldn’t go back anytime soon because it was way to overcrowded with dirty people and the “cops” were so rude. What I’m trying to say is, don’t drive for hours to this place. It’s one of those places to check out if you are passing though or close by. The cool thing about it, it’s right by Winstar casino so of course we made a pit stop on the way back. Glad I got to see the falls but wish it was a better overall experience it, but it was free so no complaints there.

 Riviera Maya, Mexico Vacation

My favorite part of Summer was Jake and I’s trip to Mexico. We stayed at the Now Jade resort in the Riviera Maya for 5 nights. This resort is fairly new, and it’s very beautiful. I would say it’s more made for couples which was nice because we didn’t wanna be around 5,000 kids. The people at the resort were really nice and helpful. The first day it rained all day and through the night which was a bummer. Our room had a jacuzzi tub in it which is all I cared about. We didn’t have much of a view but you really don’t spend much time in your room anyways. All inclusive is the way to go. The drinks were so good, a free way to experience what you like and don’t like. The food was so so but I’ve heard that about every resort, same with the resort I stayed at the first time I went to Mexico. They had 5 different fancy restaurants with a wide variety from Mediterranean to Chinese to French. We went to a different one every night and some nights we went to 2 places because they give you small portions and we wanted to try it all. That food was way better than the buffet food. It’s all free so if you don’t like something, oh well. The pools were nice, one was an infinity pool that overlooked the ocean. Of course the swim up bars were a must and the little poolside grill made it convenient for that afternoon snack. They had an entertainment team which made it really fun. Get a few drinks in you and you will be salsa dancing with them in front of everyone at the pool, like me. Yolo.

Of course you gotta do at least one excursion while on vacation. We chose the Xcaret park. They had underground rivers, natural swimming holes, exotic animals, and mini excursions like snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, etc. The package gets you in the park, a shuttle, and a buffet meal. The only thing you pay extra for is the mini excursions. There’s so much to do there that it’s impossible to get it all done and there’s no need to do the mini excursions that cost extra. I’ve always wanted to swim with the dolphins but wasn’t willing to pay the ridiculous amount on top of it. The underground river was absolutely beautiful. This place is so natural that they don’t even let you bring in sunscreens or anything that isn’t organic. You for sure get your steps in, this place is huge. One of the things they have is fish therapy, which is when the fish eat the dead cells off your feet. Always wanted to try it and since my feet were aching, it made it convenient. It was one of the weirdest most coolest things I’ve done. Jake freaked out and chickened out.

Something they recommend is staying for the show after the day of Events is over. The show has fire dancing and Mexican culture dances and all that fun stuff. It’s cool but we were so worn out from being at the park all day that we had enough of it about half way through.

This excursion was about an hour away from our resort which was a bummer because we got there at 9am and got back around 11pm, but it was well worth it and you get your money’s worth. I would recommend this place to anyone that goes to Mexico, its good for all ages and the best bang for your buck. There’s many excursions out there but most limit you to that one thing, this place has unlimited things to do in one place. Another cool thing we did at our resort was ride the wave runner. Me and Jake shared one and took turns. 30 minutes is plenty of enough time. We also took a toured bike ride into town and that was interesting. The town was safe, we made sure but we definitely stood out like a sore thumb. Wheeled and dealed with some locals for souvenirs and got some exercise in. Checked off another thing on the bucket list. Vacation to me is laying on the beach with a drink in my hand and the ocean breeze hitting my face. Very glad Jake and I got to experience that to celebrate our 1 year.

 The ring

I know the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The ring. So while in Mexico Jake and I got married. Jk but we did take our relationship to the next level. Unfortunately jake got sick on the trip but he still didn’t let affect our official one year anniversary night. We got all fancied up and ate dinner at the Chinese restaurant which was my fav. Then he walked me out to the beach where we walked along hearing the waves crash as he then gave me the cutest little speech about our one year together. He then whipped out a promise ring. He promised me that although it’s not an engagement but one day it will. Which we had discussed this previous to the trip so I wasn’t thrown off guard. It was the cutest thing.


I had showed him so many rings and I had my favorite picked out and I honestly wasn’t expecting it, but he got me my favorite one. The most expensive of course. He never fails to amaze me. Since it was dark I had to pull out the phone flashlight to take a good look at it and I did that for a solid 20 minutes. Even the walk back to the room I was just staring at it and felt so special. I made it so obvious that I had this gorgeous ring. Yes I was that girl picking up the wine glass with the finger in the air. No better way to celebrate our year together. Love that sweet man of mine.

 New hobby

Bicycling is big here in NWA and the trail system developing more and more I decided to look into getting a bike. Not a Walmart bike because friends don’t let friends ride Walmart bikes. Luckily Jake is very knowledgeable with bikes considering he has been riding since he was little, so he guided me in the right direction. We had looked at Lewis and Clark and I found a good entry-level mountain bike. They aren’t cheap but you definitely get what you pay for. With Lewis and Clark you get lifetime tune ups which is something you can’t always get. They also let you do a 30 day ride test, so if you don’t like the bike you can exchange it for another. I actually took advantage of this because the bike I had was good, but I needed something a little better for the mountain bike trails. So I upgraded a level and was glad I got to do that. It’s a great hobby that you and other people can do together as well. My whole  family now own bikes and we ride for miles together almost everyday. The Razorback Greenway Trail makes it great for that. That trail all together is 37 miles and Jake and I have done 32 of it in one trip, connecting town to town in NWA. Jake and I also like to go to Slaughter Pen which offers some of the best mountain bike trails in the United States. Another thing our area offers is a bike park called The Railyard. It has fun jumps and turns with beginner and expert lines which makes it great for all ages and skill levels. It’s a great hobby to invest in because it keeps you active, and its a great bonding experience rather it be with nature or with friends and family.


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