My Crossfit experience 

Crossfit? Yes I joined one the most controversial fitness programs. Some people love it, some people don’t. Maybe you’ve heard about it and need more insight on it, trust me I was once in that position. Believe me I’ve done my research, even looked into some other local fitness places. I was just getting tired of doing my t25 videos over and over and I felt bored, which led to no more results. I’ve always been interested to try Crossfit, but always have been kind of intimidated by it because as you have probably seen, it looks insane. I figured they weren’t going to start me like I was a pro, I mean everyone’s gotta start somewhere right? After talking to a few people including my boyfriend who has done it, I decided to give it a shot. Lucky enough for me, a local box called Bear State Crossfit (box is what they call crossfit gyms) was offering a free on ramp week program where they basically teach you the fundamentals and skills of crossfit. Perfect opportunity. My mom even tried it with me which I thought was awesome. After the first session I was thinking “yeah that’s no joke but man that was kinda fun”. I enjoyed the program and the coaches are awesome, they help you not discourage you. At the end you have the option to sign up or not, they don’t pressure you at all. I went in there with the mindset that if I was going to do the on ramp program, I wasn’t going to stop there. They have a couple different options and every box is different as far as pricing and all that jazz goes. For me personally I wanted to start out going just 3 days a week. Its $75 per month for that option. Sounds pricey but it only makes it $6.25 per class which isn’t bad for getting a full hour of coaching.

My first week was hell, not gonna lie. I felt like I was learning how to ride a bicycle all over again. What is great is that you can scale everything rather it be because of an injury or the simple fact that you are not at that certain fitness level yet, which is totally okay. You don’t get thrown into the wolves, but yet you still get a great workout. So to break it down, they post the WOD (workout of the day) the night before. Trust me you will get the crossfit lingo down by the end of this, it only took me a good minute or two. Anyways, when they post the WOD they have an RX version or a scaled version. RX means you perform the workout as prescribed, like doctors orders. If it says 5 rounds of 21 reps of kettlebell swings at 35 lbs, you must complete as is. Scaling would maybe dropping the weight, or doing less rounds and/or reps. EVERYONE scales. I pretty much scale every time. Just because you scale it doesn’t mean you are a weak link. I’ve seen your everyday crossfit beasts scale.

Over time you start getting it down. Lifts become easier, you begin to hit PR’s, your muscles will never not be sore but at least to a point where you can get through it. It’s amazing to look back and see how far you have come. When you talk about what you just did you sometimes have to ask yourself if you really just did that. Amazing. Something else that’s amazing is that there are millions of WOD’s so it never gets old. The hero WOD’s are always killer, but they honor fallen soldiers so they are pretty special. They do have some benchmark WOD’s that they repeat just to see your progress, like beating your 5k time from last time for example. Some days will absolutely kill you, and some days your like “wow this is it?”. Don’t let that fool you though, because as soon as you think its going to be easy, think again. Some days you will feel discouraged because you were short 5 reps on an AMRAP, (as many rounds as possible in a certain amount of time) then some days you will hug yourself because you hit a new PR.

The crossfit family alone is awesome. When you start you don’t feel like the odd ball, everyone helps and the coaches do a great job of paying extra attention so that you don’t feel lost or hurt yourself. After you go awhile you start making friends with the regulars, typically the same people go to the same classes. On Saturday’s my box has partner WOD’s and those are pretty fun.

Some people bash crossfit because they say its horrible for your body and that people get injured all the time. I have seen all age groups, shapes and sizes doing it. With injuries, you can get an injury walking down a sidewalk. It can happen anywhere. They also work with you if you ever injure yourself or have ever had injury. So if you have never thought about trying out crossfit or you have thought about it, I say go for it! Like everything, you may love it or you may hate it but at least you tried. Most crossfit gyms offer a free class to try out. I was so hesitant to try it, but I’m so glad I did. My diet is changing, my body is changing, and my mentality has even changed. I have never felt better or stronger.

If you have any questions, need more insight, or wanna share your experience, I wanna know!

XoMicayla ♥


4 thoughts on “My Crossfit experience 

  1. Crossfit sure keeps you humble but the culture is great, at least in most gyms. The best way to judge any CrossFit gym seems to be turnover of coaches. My old box fell apart, the culture wasn’t there and the owner was just capitalizing on the brand name. I now go to a box owned by a couple well known Crossfit athletes and it really is like a family. Welcome to the club!

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  2. I tried my first crossfit class yesterday and loved it! It took a bit to get the hang of all the acronyms, and walking was a bit of a struggle today, but I can’t wait to go back tomorrow. I’m doing a month-long challenge, and I can’t wait to share my experience on the blog!

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